Project Design & Sales

Samuel Wiggins

Senior Project Consultant
An open-minded team player with 9 years of experience in the warehouse fit-out business, Samuel brings to the table a depth of industry-specific knowledge and invaluable, lasting relationships with key clients across NSW and QLD. With good business acumen and a “can-do” attitude, Samuel is also a director and shareholder of Unistor Group.

James Downie

Project Consultant
James brings a number of skills to the Unistor team, including extensive experience in drafting and job scheduling. His previous roles included 10 years in the office fit-out industry where he learned the fundamentals of project delivery. Since joining the team he has brought some of Unistor’s largest clients on-board by using his ingenuity and down-to-earth attitude to come up with effective solutions that make a tangible difference for our customers.

Christopher Galvez

Project Design Manager
An Innovative and pragmatic individual, Christopher has an impeccable eye for detail and a sound understanding of structural engineering. With over 15 years of experience working with Solidworks and AutoCAD, 4 years of experience working as the company’s draftsperson and an engineering degree, Christopher has become an integral part of the team.

Lynette Sunderland

Client Relations Manager
Starting with the company over five years ago, Lynette quickly adapted to the fast paced atmosphere of the Unistor head office. After less than a year into her new career, she was putting systems in place to ensure the highest levels of customer service were maintained. Currently, her role includes the management and implementing of these systems to ensure staff accountability at every level of the sales process.

Project Delivery

Beau McCosker

Project Director
With over 12 years of experience in building and construction, Beau brings an array of management skills to the Unistor team and is passionate about meeting project timelines, budgets and customer’s needs. Before obtaining a diploma in Project Management Beau learned a wealth of onsite knowledge, as he is a trade qualified carpenter who has spent time on Commercial and domestic projects as well as spending 3 years in the mining industry.

Mitchell Hughes

Fabrication Manager
With over 10 years of structural fabrication experience, Mitchell, a trade qualified boilermaker brings with him a range of other interpersonal skills. His alignment with the company vision, his interest in revenue goals and enthusiasm about prospective projects enables him to effectively facilitate the in-house fabrication and finishing of all structural steel used in our projects.

Phillip Passfield

Warehouse Manager
An impeccably organised individual with over 25 years of experience, Phillip’s strong sense of responsibility regarding safety and his understanding of production, warehousing and logistics makes him a vital part of the company and a role model for those below him to look up to.

Sherie Wiggins

Procurement Manager
With a bright, charismatic disposition and a “numbers driven” approach, Sherie maintains good supplier relationships whilst constantly capitalising on the growth of the company to leverage stronger buying power. Her proficiency in this area enables project management to deliver more projects, on-time and on budget.

Clayton Wiggins

Logistics Coordinator
Clayton’s dedication to exceeding customer expectations gives him the tenacity to get goods delivered on-time, every time, no matter what stumbling block may arise.


David Wiggins

Managing Director
With over 30 years of experience in the field and 17 years as a business owner, David’s solid business principles, together with his industry experience and early trade qualifications make him a strong leader and someone who can keep the team focused on the short term and long term goals of the company.

Anita Johnston

Finance Manager
With over 25 years of experience in the storage and handling industry, and 6 years in the current role, Anita is passionate about obtaining the best financial outcome for the company, its customers and its suppliers. The combination of her accounting qualifications and industry knowledge enables her to successfully manage the full range of financial roles within the business, including financial reporting, forecasting, cash flow management and payroll.

Michael Wiggins

Marketing Manager
An experienced team player and one of Unistor’s directors, Michael’s previous involvement in project consulting and devotion to the company vision gives him good rapport with the rest of the team. Heading up Marketing, he maintains a closely monitored lead bank and collaborates with the project consulting team to ensure their revenue goals are met.